Report information about attached radios

    Note:   The Communications System Toolbox™ Support Package for Xilinx® FPGA-Based Radio will be removed in a future release.


HARDWAREINFO = sdrinfo()


HARDWAREINFO = sdrinfo() returns a cell array of structures with information about all known radios attached to the host. If the function does not find any radios, the array is empty.

HARDWAREINFO = sdrinfo(DEVADDR) returns a structure with information about a radio attached to the host at the specified address. For devices attached via a Network Interface Card (NIC), DEVADDR is a dotted-quad character array such as For devices attached via a USB port, DEVADDR is a char containing a scalar non-negative integer such as '0').

  • The structure of information is specific to the type of radio attached.

  • If you do not specify a device address, the function attempts to find all attached radios.

  • If the function finds an incompatible radio at the specified address, it returns a warning.

  • If you are using an FPGA programming file generated by the Xilinx FPGA-based Radio workflow in the HDL Coder™ Workflow Advisor, the IP address matches the one specified in Step 4.1 Set SDR Options in "Board Addresses" (Ethernet connections only).

Input Arguments

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DEVADDR is either a dotted-quad character array such as, or a char containing a scalar non-negative integer such as '0'., depending on the type of radio connection.

Example: ''

Output Arguments

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For Ethernet-connected radios, HARDWAREINFO contains the following radio information:

VersionSupport package version
MotherboardFPGA development board name
RFBoardRF daughter board name
HasDDCIndicates if bitstream (fixed or targeted) has a DDC (digital down converter)
HasRxUserDUTIndicates if bitstream contains user Receiver DUT (targeting only)
HasRxPathIndicates if bitstream contains the Receiver path (targeting only)
HasDUCIndicates if bitstream has a DUC (digital up converter)
HasTxUserDUTIndicates if bitstream contains user Transmitter DUT (targeting only)
HasTxPathIndicates if bitstream contains the Transmitter path
DUTTargetFrequencyDUT target frequency, in Hz (targeting only)
BuildTimestampBitstream build time stamp, for fixed or targeted

For USB-connected radios, HARDWAREINFO contains the following radio information:

RadioNameDevice name
RadioAddressUSB address of the RTL-SDR radio
RadioIsOpenFlag for open devices
TunerNameTuner chip name
ManufacturerManufacturer name
ProductProduct name
GainValuesTuner chip supported gain values, in dB. These values are displayed only when the System object™ property EnableTunerAGC is set to false or the block parameter Tuner Gain source is set to Dialog or Property.
RTLCrystalFrequencyRTL chip crystal oscillator frequency, in Hz
TunerCrystalFrequencyTuner chip crystal oscillator frequency, in Hz
SamplingMode Sampling mode. Values:
  • disabled

  • I-ADC

  • Q-ADC

OffsetTuningOffset tuning mode. Values:
  • disabled

  • enabled

    Note:   With an RTL-SDR radio,sdrinfo returns all valid radio fields that are applicable, as long as the System object or block is not open (unlocked). If the block or System object is currently running, sdrinfo returns only the top three fields: RadioName, RadioAddress, and RadioIsOpen.


Get radio information for a Xilinx FPGA-based radio.

 hwinfo = sdrinfo('')
hwinfo = 

               Version: 'SDRf R2013b.3.81'
           Motherboard: [1x39 char]
               RFBoard: [1x126 char]
                HasDDC: 'Yes'
          HasRxUserDUT: 'No'
             HasRxPath: 'Yes'
                HasDUC: 'Yes'
          HasTxUserDUT: 'No'
             HasTxPath: 'Yes'
    DUTTargetFrequency: '125000000 Hz'
        BuildTimestamp: '2013-08-08 22:35:50'

Get radio information for an RTL-SDR radio.

hwinfo = sdrinfo('0');
hwinfo = 

                RadioName: 'ezcap USB 2.0 DVB-T/DAB/FM dongle'
             RadioAddress: '0'
              RadioIsOpen: 0
                TunerName: 'R820T'
             Manufacturer: 'Realtek'
                  Product: 'RTL2838UHIDIR'
               GainValues: [29x1 double]
      RTLCrystalFrequency: 28800000
    TunerCrystalFrequency: 28800000
             SamplingMode: 'Quadrature'
             OffsetTuning: 'Disabled'

Call sdrinfo using a USB port address with no radio plugged into the USB port.

>> sdrinfo('0')
ans = 


The function returns an empty cell array.

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