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3-D Function Plots

Plot symbolic expressions, equations, and functions in 3-D

MuPAD Functions

plotfunc3dFunction plots in 3D

MuPAD Graphical Primitives

plot::Arc3dCircular and elliptical arcs in 3D
plot::Arrow3d3D arrows
plot::Curve3dParameterized 3D curves
plot::CylindricalSurfaces in 3D parameterized in cylindrical coordinates
plot::Function3d3D function graphs
plot::Implicit3dContour surfaces of a function from R^3 to R
plot::Line3d3D line segments
plot::Ode3d3D plots of ODE solutions
plot::SphericalSurfaces in 3D parameterized in spherical coordinates

Examples and How To


We present a collection of pictures illustrating the capabilities of the present MuPAD® graphics system.

Easy Plotting: Graphs of Functions

The probably most important graphical task in a mathematical context is to visualize function graphs, i.e., to plot functions.

Advanced Plotting: Principles and First Examples

Advanced Plotting in 2D and 3D.


The Full Picture: Graphical Trees

Graphical trees form the structure of a MuPAD plot.

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