Access Symbolic Math Toolbox Functionality

Work from MATLAB

You can access the Symbolic Math Toolbox™ functionality directly from the MATLAB® Command Window. This environment lets you call functions using familiar MATLAB syntax.

Work from MuPAD

You can access the Symbolic Math Toolbox functionality from the MuPAD® Notebook app using the MuPAD language. The MuPAD Notebook app includes a symbol palette for accessing common MuPAD functions. All results are displayed in typeset math. You also can convert the results into MathML and TeX. You can embed graphics, animations, and descriptive text within your notebook.

A debugger and other programming utilities provide tools for authoring custom symbolic functions and libraries in the MuPAD language. The MuPAD language supports multiple programming styles including imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming. The language treats variables as symbolic by default and is optimized for handling and operating on symbolic math expressions. You can call functions written in the MuPAD language from the MATLAB Command Window. For more information, see Call Built-In MuPAD Functions from MATLAB

If you are a new user of the MuPAD Notebook app, see Getting Started with MuPAD.

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