Costs, weights, and numbers of edges and vertices, chromatic numbers and polynomials, and other graph characteristics

MuPAD Functions

Graph::getAdjacentEdgesEntering Returns the incident edges.
Graph::getAdjacentEdgesLeaving Returns the adjacent edges.
Graph::getBestAdjacentEdge Returns the "best" incident edges.
Graph::getEdgeCosts Returns a table with the edge costs.
Graph::getEdgeDescriptions Returns a table with the edge descriptions.
Graph::getEdges Returns a list with all edges
Graph::getEdgesEntering Returns the incoming edges
Graph::getEdgesLeaving Returns the outgoing edges
Graph::getEdgeNumber Returns the number of edges.
Graph::getEdgeWeights Returns a table with the edge weights.
Graph::getSubGraph Returns a subgraph.
Graph::getVertexNumber Returns the number of vertices.
Graph::getVertexWeights Returns a table with the vertex weights.
Graph::getVertices Returns a list with all vertices
Graph::admissibleFlow Checks a flow for admissibility in a Graph
Graph::bipartite Finds out if a graph is bipartite.
Graph::breadthFirstSearch Makes a breadth first Search in a graph.
Graph::checkForVertices Checks if all vertices in edges really exist.
Graph::chromaticNumber Chromatic number of a graph
Graph::chromaticPolynomial Calculates a chromatic polynomial
Graph::depthFirstSearch Makes a depth first Search in a graph.
Graph::residualGraph Computes the residual graph
Graph::shortestPathAllPairs Shortest paths from and to all vertices
Graph::shortestPathSingleSource Shortest paths from one single vertex
Graph::stronglyConnectedComponents Finds the strongly connected components
Graph::topSort Topological sorting of the vertices
Graph::inDegree Returns the indegree of one or more vertices.
Graph::isConnected Finds out if the graph is connected
Graph::isDirected Finds out if the graph is directed
Graph::isEdge Finds out if the edges exists
Graph::isVertex Finds out if special vertices exist in the Graph
Graph::longestPath Longest paths from one single node
Graph::maxFlow Computes a maximal flow through a graph
Graph::minCost Computes a minimal cost flow
Graph::minCut Computes a minimal cut
Graph::minimumSpanningTree Creates a MST
Graph::outDegree Returns the outdegree of one or more vertices.
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