Fonts, legends, titles, text alignment

MuPAD Graphical Primitives

plot::Text2d 2D text
plot::Text3d 3D text

MuPAD Graphical Attributes

Text Text of a text object
TextOrientation Orientation of a 3D text
TextRotation Rotation of a 2D text
Legend Makes a legend entry
LegendEntry Add this object to the legend?
LegendText Short explanatory text for legend
ShowInfo Information about integral approximation
Footer, Header Footer text
FooterAlignment, HeaderAlignment Alignment of footer of canvas and scenes
HorizontalAlignment, TitleAlignment, VerticalAlignment Horizontal alignment of text objects w.r.t. their coordinates
LegendAlignment, LegendPlacement, LegendVisible Legend at left, center, or right
Title, Titles Object title
TitlePosition, TitlePositionX, TitlePositionY, TitlePositionZ Position of object titles

Examples and How To


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