Arithmetic Operations

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, left and right division, power


minus Symbolic subtraction
plus Symbolic addition
times Symbolic array multiplication
ldivide Symbolic array left division
rdivide Symbolic array right division
power Symbolic array power
mtimes Symbolic matrix multiplication
mldivide Symbolic matrix left division
mrdivide Symbolic matrix right division
mpower Symbolic matrix power
transpose Symbolic matrix transpose
ctranspose Symbolic matrix complex conjugate transpose
ceil Round symbolic matrix toward positive infinity
fix Round toward zero
floor Round symbolic matrix toward negative infinity
frac Symbolic matrix element-wise fractional parts
mod Symbolic modulus after division
quorem Quotient and remainder
round Symbolic matrix element-wise round
conj Symbolic complex conjugate
imag Imaginary part of complex number
real Real part of complex number
cumprod Symbolic cumulative product
cumsum Symbolic cumulative sum
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