Symbolic differentiation, integration, series operations, limits, and transforms

Using Symbolic Math Toolbox™, you can differentiate and integrate symbolic expressions. You can approximate symbolic expressions using Taylor, Pade, and Puiseux series expansions. To solve problems, you can transform your expressions using Fourier, Laplace, or Z-transforms. Symbolic Math Toolbox also provides vector calculus functionality such as curl, gradient, and divergence.

When modeling your problem, you can use assumptions to return results specific to your problem. See Use Assumptions on Symbolic Variables.

  • Differentiation
    Find derivatives of symbolic expressions or functions
  • Integration
    Compute definite and indefinite integrals analytically
  • Vector Analysis
    Differentiation and integration of vector fields
  • Series
    Series expansions, sums and products of series
  • Limits
    Right, left, and bidirectional limits of symbolic expressions and functions
  • Transforms
    Fourier, Laplace, and Z-transforms, and corresponding inverse transforms

Featured Examples

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