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Categories and category constructors implemented in MuPAD®

MuPAD Categories

Cat::AbelianGroup Category of Abelian groups
Cat::AbelianMonoid Category of Abelian monoids
Cat::AbelianSemiGroup Category of Abelian semi-groups
Cat::CancellationAbelianMonoid Category of abelian monoids with cancellation
Cat::CommutativeRing Category of commutative rings
Cat::DifferentialRing Category of ordinary differential rings
Cat::EntireRing Category of entire rings
Cat::PartialDifferentialRing Category of partial differential rings
Cat::Ring Category of rings
Cat::Rng Category of rings without unit
Cat::FiniteCollection Category of finite collections
Cat::HomogeneousFiniteCollection Category of homogeneous finite collections
Cat::HomogeneousFiniteProduct Category of homogeneous finite products
Cat::EuclideanDomain Category of Euclidean domains
Cat::FactorialDomain Category of factorial domains
Cat::Field Category of fields
Cat::GcdDomain Category of integral domains with gcd
Cat::IntegralDomain Category of integral domains
Cat::PrincipalIdealDomain Category of principal ideal domains
Cat::Matrix Category of matrices
Cat::OrderedSet Category of ordered sets
Cat::Polynomial Category of multivariate polynomials
Cat::Set Category of sets of complex numbers
Cat::SquareMatrix Category of square matrices
Cat::UnivariatePolynomial Category of univariate polynomials
Cat::BaseCategory Base category
Cat::Algebra Category of associative algebras
Cat::Group Category of groups
Cat::LeftModule Category of left R -modules
Cat::Module Category of R-modules
Cat::Monoid Category of monoids
Cat::QuotientField Category of quotient fields
Cat::RightModule Category of right R-modules
Cat::SemiGroup Category of semi-groups
Cat::SkewField Category of skew fields
Cat::VectorSpace Category of vector spaces



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