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Colors, palettes, and patterns

MuPAD Functions

RGB::ColorNames Find predefined colors by name
RGB::plotColorPalette Display predefined colors
RGB::colorName Find names of predefined colors
RGB::fromWaveLength Get the RGB color of monochromatic light
RGB::random Pick a color uniformly at random in RGB color space
RGB::toHSV Convert RGB colors to HSV
RGB::fromHSV Convert HSV colors to RGB

MuPAD Graphical Attributes

BackgroundStyle Color blends in the background
BackgroundTransparent Plot a scene on a transparent background
LineColorFunction, FillColorFunction Functional line coloring
BackgroundColor, BackgroundColor2 Background color
BorderColor, BorderWidth Color of frame/border around canvas and scenes



The most prominent plot attribute, available for all primitives, is Color.

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