Descriptive Statistics

Measures of central tendency, dispersion, shape, and correlation

MuPAD Functions

numeric::gaussAGM Gauss' arithmetic geometric mean
stats::correlation Correlation between data samples
stats::correlationMatrix Compute the correlation matrix associated with a covariance matrix
stats::covariance Covariance of data samples
stats::cutoff Discard outliers
stats::winsorize Clamp (winsorize) extremal values
stats::frequency Tally numerical data into classes and count frequencies
stats::geometricMean Geometric mean of a data sample
stats::harmonicMean Harmonic mean of a data sample
stats::kurtosis Kurtosis (excess) of a data sample
stats::mean Arithmetic mean of a data sample
stats::meandev Mean deviation of a data sample
stats::median Median value of a data sample
stats::modal Modal (most frequent) value(s) in a data sample
stats::moment The K-th moment of a data sample
stats::obliquity Obliquity (skewness) of a data sample
stats::quadraticMean Quadratic mean of a data sample
stats::stdev Standard deviation of a data sample
stats::variance Variance of a data sample
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