Edit Graphs

MATLAB® supports the following two approaches for editing graphs:

  • Interactive editing lets you use the mouse to select and edit objects on a graph.

  • Command-line editing lets you use MATLAB commands to edit graphs.

These approaches work for graphs that display numeric data plots, symbolic function plots, or combined plots.

To enable the interactive plot editing mode in the MATLAB figure window, click the Edit Plot button ( ) or select Tools > Edit Plot from the main menu. If you enable plot editing mode in the MATLAB figure window, you can perform point-and-click editing of your graph. In this mode, you can modify the appearance of a graphics object by double-clicking the object and changing the values of its properties.

The complete collection of properties is accessible through a graphical user interface called the Property Editor. To open a graph in the Property Editor window:

  1. Enable plot editing mode in the MATLAB figure window.

  2. Double-click any element on the graph.

If you prefer to work from the MATLAB command line or if you want to create a code file, you can edit graphs by using MATLAB plotting commands. For details, see 2-D and 3-D Plots. Also, you can combine the interactive and command-line editing approaches to achieve the look you want for the graphs you create.

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