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Taylor series, theta series, Pade series, and generalized series

MuPAD Functions

asymptCompute an asymptotic series expansion
mtaylorCompute a multivariate Taylor series expansion
ODomain of order terms (Landau symbols)
ORDERDefault number of terms in series expansions
padePade approximation
seriesCompute a generalized series expansion
taylorCompute a Taylor series expansion

MuPAD Domains

Series::PuiseuxTruncated Puiseux series expansions
Series::gseriesGeneralized series expansions

Examples and How To

Compute Taylor Series for Univariate Expressions

Taylor series expansions serve for approximating an arbitrary expression by a polynomial expression around some value of a variable.

Compute Taylor Series for Multivariate Expressions

To compute a series expansion for a multivariate expression, use the mtaylor command.

Control Number of Terms in Series Expansions

Taylor series expansions approximate an arbitrary expression with a polynomial.

Compute Generalized Series

The Taylor series expansion is the most common way to approximate an expression by a polynomial.


O-term (The Landau Symbol)

When computing the series expansions, you get expressions with one of the terms represented as the Landau symbol O.

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