Scale, rotate, clip, pan, or transform

MuPAD Graphical Primitives

plot::ClippingBox Clipping of 3D objects
plot::Reflect2d Reflection about a 2D point or a line
plot::Reflect3d Reflection about a 3D point or a plane
plot::Rotate2d Rotations of 2D objects
plot::Rotate3d Rotations of 3D objects
plot::Scale2d Scaling of 2D objects
plot::Scale3d Scaling of 3D objects
plot::Transform2d Affine linear transformation of 2D objects
plot::Transform3d Affine linear transformation of 3D objects
plot::Translate2d Translation of 2D objects
plot::Translate3d Translation of 3D objects

MuPAD Graphical Attributes

Angle Rotation angle
Axis Rotation axis
AxisX Rotation axis
AxisY Rotation axis
AxisZ Rotation axis
Matrix2d Transformation matrices
Matrix3d Transformation matrices
Scale Scaling factors
ScaleX Scaling factors
ScaleY Scaling factors
ScaleZ Scaling factors
Shift Shift vector
ShiftX Shift vector
ShiftY Shift vector
ShiftZ Shift vector
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