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File Operations

Interact with system files and folders, set paths

MuPAD Environment Variables

FILEPATH Pathname of a file that is currently loaded
NOTEBOOKFILE Notebook file name
NOTEBOOKPATH Notebook path
WRITEPATH Search path for the command ‘ Write ' et al.
READPATH Search path for the command ‘ Read '

MuPAD Functions

fclose Close a file
finput Read objects from file
fname Get a file's name
fopen Open file
fprint Write data to file
fread Read and execute file
ftextinput Read text file
pathname Create a platform dependent path name
protocol Create a protocol of a session
read Search, read, and execute file
readbytes Read binary data from a file
writebytes Write binary data to a file
write Write values of variables into file
Pref::verboseRead Shows reading of files


Set Engine Preferences

Global settings in MuPAD® serve for specifying a particular engine you want to run, using additional libraries, startup commands and options.

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