Formula Rearrangement and Rewriting

Transform expressions to a particular form or rewrite them in specific terms

You can turn mathematical expressions into the form you need. To choose the appropriate function, see Choose Function to Rearrange Expression.

If you want to simplify your expression but do not need a specific form, use simplify.


children Subexpressions or terms of symbolic expression
coeffs Coefficients of polynomial
collect Collect coefficients
combine Combine terms of identical algebraic structure
compose Functional composition
divisors Divisors of integer or expression
expand Symbolic expansion of polynomials and elementary functions
factor Factorization
horner Horner nested polynomial representation
numden Extract numerator and denominator
partfrac Partial fraction decomposition
pretty Prettyprint symbolic expressions
rewrite Rewrite expression in new terms
subexpr Rewrite symbolic expression in terms of common subexpressions
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