Functional Programming

Higher-order functions and other utilities for functional programming

MuPAD Functions

@ Compose functions
@@ Iterate a function
copyClosure Copies the lexical closure of a procedure
discont Discontinuities of a function
funcenv Create a function environment
map Apply a function to all operands of an object
maprat Apply a function to a rationalized expression
operator Define a new operator symbol
fp::apply Apply function to arguments
fp::bottom Function that never returns
fp::curry Curry an n-ary function
fp::expr_unapply Create a functional expression from an expression
fp::fixargs Create function by fixing all but one argument
fp::fixedpt Returns fixed point of a function
fp::fold Create function which iterates over sequences
fp::nest Repeated composition of function
fp::nestvals Repeated composition returning intermediate values
fp::unapply Create a procedure from an expression
misc::breakmap Stops the mapping currently done by maprec
misc::maprec Map a function to subexpressions of an expression
Pref::typeCheck Type checking of formal parameters
Pref::warnDeadProcEnv Warnings about wrong usage of lexical scope
prog::getname Name of an object
prog::getOptions Get and verify options within a procedure
prog::isGlobal Information about reserved identifiers
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