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Get variable from MuPAD notebook


MATLABvar = getVar(nb,'MuPADvar')



MATLABvar = getVar(nb,'MuPADvar') assigns the variable MuPADvar in the MuPAD® notebook nb to a symbolic variable MATLABvar in the MATLAB® workspace.


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Copy a variable with a value assigned to it from a MuPAD notebook to the MATLAB workspace.

Create a new MuPAD notebook and specify a handle mpnb to that notebook:

mpnb = mupad;

In the MuPAD notebook, enter the following command. This command creates the variable f and assigns the value x^2 to this variable. At this point, the variable and its value exist only in MuPAD.

f := x^2

Return to the MATLAB Command Window and use the getVar function:

f = getVar(mpnb,'f')
f =

After you call getVar, the variable f appears in the MATLAB workspace. The value of the variable f in the MATLAB workspace is x^2.

Now, use getVar to copy variables a and b from the same notebook. Although you do not specify these variables explicitly, and they do not have any values assigned to them, they exist in MuPAD.

a = getVar(mpnb,'a')
b = getVar(mpnb,'b')
a =
b =

Input Arguments

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Pointer to a MuPAD notebook, specified as a MuPAD notebook handle. You create the notebook handle when opening a notebook with the mupad or openmn function.

Variable in a MuPAD notebook, specified as a variable. A variable exists in MuPAD even if it has no value assigned to it.

Output Arguments

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Variable in the MATLAB workspace, returned as a symbolic variable.

Introduced in R2008b

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