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Two- and three-dimensional plots, data exploration, and visualization techniques

MATLAB® provides many techniques for plotting numerical data. Symbolic Math Toolbox™ expands these graphical capabilities by providing plotting functions for symbolic expressions, equations, and functions. These plots can be in 2-D or 3-D as lines, contours, surfaces, or meshes. You can create plots in Cartesian or polar coordinates. You also can create animated plots.


fcontour Plot contours
fimplicit Plot implicit symbolic equation or function
fimplicit3 Plot 3-D implicit equation or function
fmesh Plot 3-D mesh
fplot Plot symbolic expression or function
fplot3 Plot 3-D parametric curve
fsurf Plot 3-D surface
ezcontour Contour plotter
ezcontourf Filled contour plotter
ezmesh 3-D mesh plotter
ezmeshc Combined mesh and contour plotter
ezplot Plot symbolic expression, equation, or function
ezplot3 3-D parametric curve plotter
ezpolar Polar coordinate plotter
ezsurf Plot 3-D surface
ezsurfc Combined surface and contour plotter


Create Plots

Plot symbolic expressions, including parametric or implicit expressions, in 2-D or 3-D as line, contour, or surface plots.

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