Linear Optimization

Algorithms for linear and integer programming

MuPAD Functions

linopt::corners Return the feasible corners of a linear program
linopt::maximize Maximize a linear or mixed-integer program
linopt::minimize Minimize a linear or mixed-integer program
linopt::plot_data Plot the feasible region of a linear program
linopt::Transparent Return the ordinary simplex tableau of a linear program
linopt::Transparent::autostep Perform the next simplex step
linopt::Transparent::clean_basis Delete all slack variables of the first phase from the basis
linopt::Transparent::convert Transform the given tableau into a structure printable on screen
linopt::Transparent::dual_prices Get the dual solution belonging to the given tableau
linopt::Transparent::phaseI_tableau Start an ordinary phase one of a 2-phase simplex algorithm
linopt::Transparent::phaseII_tableau Start phase two of a 2-phase simplex algorithm
linopt::Transparent::result Get the basic feasible solution belonging to the given simplex tableau
linopt::Transparent::simplex Finish the current phase of the 2-phase simplex algorithm
linopt::Transparent::suggest Suggest the next step in the simplex algorithm
linopt::Transparent::userstep Perform a user defined simplex step
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