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Polynomial Manipulation

Division, factoring, decomposition, resultants, and subresultants

MuPAD Functions

divide Divide polynomials
interpolate Polynomial interpolation
irreducible Test irreducibility of a polynomial
pdivide Pseudo-division of polynomials
linalg::charpoly Characteristic polynomial of a matrix
linalg::companion Companion matrix of a univariate polynomial
linalg::minpoly Minimal polynomial of a matrix
polylib::decompose Functional decomposition of a polynomial
polylib::discrim Discriminant of a polynomial
polylib::divisors Divisors of a polynomial, polynomial expression, or Factored element
polylib::Dpoly Differential operator for polynomials
polylib::makerat Convert expression into rational function over a suitable field
polylib::minpoly Approximate minimal polynomial
polylib::primitiveElement Primitive element for tower of field extensions
polylib::primpart Primitive part of a polynomial
polylib::representByElemSym Represent symmetric by elementary symmetric polynomials
polylib::resultant Resultant of two polynomials
polylib::splitfield Splitting field of a polynomial
polylib::sqrfree Square-free factorization of polynomials
polylib::subresultant Subresultants of two polynomials
polylib::support Support of a polynomial
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