Equation solving, formula simplification, calculus, linear algebra, statistics, number theory, and more
  • Equation Solving
    Solve algebraic and differential equations analytically or numerically
  • Formula Manipulation and Simplification
    Simplify or modify expressions, substitute parts of expressions, evaluate expressions or subexpressions
  • Calculus
    Differentiation, integration, series operations, limits, and transforms
  • Linear Algebra
    Matrix analysis, linear equations, eigenvalues, singular values, matrix exponential, factorization
  • Polynomial Algebra
    Polynomials, their properties, and operations on them, orthogonal polynomials, Groebner bases
  • Mathematical Constants and Functions
    Mathematical constants, complex numbers, logarithms, exponential, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and special functions
  • Numbers and Precision
    Variable-precision arithmetic, elementary number-theoretic operations
  • Statistics
    Algorithms and tools for organizing, analyzing, and modeling statistical data
  • Discrete Mathematics
    Elementary number-theoretic operations, linear optimizations, graph theory, and more
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