Matrix Operations and Transformations

Operations on rows and columns, matrix diagonal

You can manipulate symbolic matrices just as you manipulate numeric matrices. Similar to numeric matrices, you can find matrix characteristics, such as dimensions, diagonals, and inverses. You can also create special symbolic matrices, such as Bernstein and Toeplitz matrices.


bernsteinMatrix Bernstein matrix
cat Concatenate symbolic arrays along specified dimension
colon Create symbolic vectors, array subscripting, and for-loop iterators
diag Create or extract diagonals of symbolic matrices
horzcat Concatenate symbolic arrays horizontally
numel Number of elements of symbolic array
reshape Reshape symbolic array
size Symbolic matrix dimensions
sort Sort elements of symbolic vectors or matrices
toeplitz Symbolic Toeplitz matrix
tril Return lower triangular part of symbolic matrix
triu Return upper triangular part of symbolic matrix
vertcat Concatenate symbolic arrays vertically
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