Matrix Operations and Transformations

Operations on rows and columns, scalar and vector products, transpose, and inverse

MuPAD Functions

linalg::addCol Linear combination of matrix columns
linalg::addRow Linear combination of matrix rows
linalg::col Extract columns of a matrix
linalg::delCol Delete matrix columns
linalg::delRow Delete matrix rows
linalg::multCol Multiply columns with a scalar
linalg::multRow Multiply rows with a scalar
linalg::row Extract rows of a matrix
linalg::setCol Change a column of a matrix
linalg::setRow Change a row of a matrix
linalg::swapCol Swap two columns in a matrix
linalg::swapRow Swap two rows in a matrix
inverse Inverse of a matrix
transpose Transpose of a matrix
htranspose Hermitian transpose of a matrix
linalg::pseudoInverse Moore-Penrose inverse of a matrix
numeric::inverse Inverse of a matrix
lllint Compute an LLL-reduced basis of a lattice
norm Compute the norm of a matrix, a vector, or a polynomial
linalg::concatMatrix Join matrices horizontally
linalg::crossProduct Cross product of three-dimensional vectors
linalg::kroneckerProduct Kronecker product of matrices
linalg::normalize Normalize a vector
linalg::ogCoordTab Table of orthogonal coordinate transformations
linalg::scalarProduct Scalar product of vectors
linalg::stackMatrix Join matrices vertically
linalg::submatrix Extract a submatrix or a subvector from a matrix or a vector, respectively
linalg::substitute Replace a part of a matrix by another matrix
linalg::sylvester Sylvester matrix of two polynomials
numeric::rotationMatrix Orthogonal matrix of the rotation about an axis
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