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Matrix Operations and Transformations

Operations on rows and columns, scalar and vector products, transpose, and inverse

MuPAD Functions

linalg::addCol Linear combination of matrix columns
linalg::addRow Linear combination of matrix rows
linalg::col Extract columns of a matrix
linalg::delCol Delete matrix columns
linalg::delRow Delete matrix rows
linalg::multCol Multiply columns with a scalar
linalg::multRow Multiply rows with a scalar
linalg::row Extract rows of a matrix
linalg::setCol Change a column of a matrix
linalg::setRow Change a row of a matrix
linalg::swapCol Swap two columns in a matrix
linalg::swapRow Swap two rows in a matrix
inverse Inverse of a matrix
transpose Transpose of a matrix
htranspose Hermitian transpose of a matrix
linalg::pseudoInverse Moore-Penrose inverse of a matrix
numeric::inverse Inverse of a matrix
lllint Compute an LLL-reduced basis of a lattice
norm Compute the norm of a matrix, a vector, or a polynomial
linalg::concatMatrix Join matrices horizontally
linalg::crossProduct Cross product of three-dimensional vectors
linalg::kroneckerProduct Kronecker product of matrices
linalg::normalize Normalize a vector
linalg::ogCoordTab Table of orthogonal coordinate transformations
linalg::scalarProduct Scalar product of vectors
linalg::stackMatrix Join matrices vertically
linalg::submatrix Extract a submatrix or a subvector from a matrix or a vector, respectively
linalg::substitute Replace a part of a matrix by another matrix
linalg::sylvester Sylvester matrix of two polynomials
numeric::rotationMatrix Orthogonal matrix of the rotation about an axis

Examples and How To

Compute with Matrices

When performing basic arithmetic operations on matrices, use the standard arithmetic operators.

Invert Matrices

To find the inverse of a matrix, enter 1/A or A^(-1):

Transpose Matrices

To transpose a matrix, use the transpose command:

Swap and Delete Rows and Columns

The MuPAD® linalg library provides the functions for interchanging or deleting rows and columns of a matrix.

Compute Matrix Exponentials

Compute matrix exponentials.


Linear Algebra Library

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

Numeric Algorithms Library

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

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