Numeric evaluation of special mathematical function

mfun will be removed in a future release. Instead, use the appropriate special function syntax listed in mfunlist. For example, use bernoulli(n) instead of mfun('bernoulli',n).




mfun('function',par1,par2,par3,par4) numerically evaluates one of the special mathematical functions listed in mfunlist. Each par argument is a numeric quantity corresponding to a parameter for function. You can use up to four parameters. The last parameter specified can be a matrix, usually corresponding to X. The dimensions of all other parameters depend on the specifications for function. You can access parameter information for mfun functions in mfunlist.

MuPAD® software evaluates function using 16-digit accuracy. Each element of the result is a MATLAB® numeric quantity. Any singularity in function is returned as NaN.


Evaluate the Fresnel cosine integral.

ans =
         0    0.7799    0.4883    0.6057    0.4984

Evaluate the hyperbolic cosine integral.

mfun('Chi',[3*i 0])
ans =
0.1196 + 1.5708i   NaN

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