Influence of objects on the ViewingBox of a scene

Value Summary

InheritedFALSE, or TRUE

Graphics Primitives

ObjectsAffectViewingBox Default Values
plot::Arc2d, plot::Arc3d, plot::Arrow2d, plot::Arrow3d, plot::Bars2d, plot::Bars3d, plot::Box, plot::Boxplot, plot::Circle2d, plot::Circle3d, plot::Cone, plot::Conformal, plot::Curve2d, plot::Curve3d, plot::Cylinder, plot::Cylindrical, plot::Density, plot::Dodecahedron, plot::Ellipse2d, plot::Ellipse3d, plot::Ellipsoid, plot::Function2d, plot::Function3d, plot::Hatch, plot::Hexahedron, plot::Histogram2d, plot::Icosahedron, plot::Implicit2d, plot::Implicit3d, plot::Inequality, plot::Integral, plot::Iteration, plot::Line2d, plot::Line3d, plot::Listplot, plot::Lsys, plot::Matrixplot, plot::MuPADCube, plot::Octahedron, plot::Ode2d, plot::Ode3d, plot::Parallelogram2d, plot::Parallelogram3d, plot::Piechart2d, plot::Piechart3d, plot::Plane, plot::Point2d, plot::Point3d, plot::PointList2d, plot::PointList3d, plot::Polar, plot::Polygon2d, plot::Polygon3d, plot::Prism, plot::Pyramid, plot::QQplot, plot::Raster, plot::Rectangle, plot::Reflect2d, plot::Reflect3d, plot::Rootlocus, plot::Rotate2d, plot::Rotate3d, plot::Scale2d, plot::Scale3d, plot::Scatterplot, plot::Sequence, plot::SparseMatrixplot, plot::Sphere, plot::Spherical, plot::Streamlines2d, plot::Sum, plot::Surface, plot::SurfaceSet, plot::SurfaceSTL, plot::Sweep, plot::Tetrahedron, plot::Text2d, plot::Text3d, plot::Transform2d, plot::Transform3d, plot::Translate2d, plot::Translate3d, plot::Tube, plot::Turtle, plot::VectorField2d, plot::VectorField3d, plot::Waterman, plot::XRotate, plot::ZRotateTRUE


AffectViewingBox determines whether the ViewingBox of an object should be taken into account for the total ViewingBox of the graphical scene.

Usually, the visible area/volume of a graphical scene is automatically chosen as the smallest box containing all objects of the scene. Objects with AffectViewingBox = FALSE are ignored in the computation of this box.


Example 1

We plot the sine and the exponential function in one scene:

plot(plot::Function2d(sin(x), x = -PI..PI),
     plot::Function2d(exp(x), x = -PI..PI))

The exponential function dominates the sine. We set AffectViewingBox = FALSE for exp. Now, only the sine function determines the visible area and exp is only visible where it is in the ViewingBox of the sine function:

plot(plot::Function2d(sin(x), x = -PI..PI),
     plot::Function2d(exp(x), x = -PI..PI,
                      AffectViewingBox = FALSE))

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