The "field" of Floating Point Intervals

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.


Dom::FloatIV(x, …)


Dom::FloatIV is the inclusion algebra of (finite unions of) rectangular intervals in the complex plane.

Dom::FloatIV is the domain of kernel intervals of type DOM_INTERVAL.

Dom::FloatIV has category Cat::Field out of pragmatism. This domain actually is not a field because, for example, there is no additive inverse of 1...2.

Elements of Dom::FloatIV are usually not created explicitly. The syntax given above is equivalent to an interval call, with no check to ensure that the result is in fact an interval, it could, for example, also be an expression with all numerical coefficients replaced by intervals. Apart from this behavior of the constructor and the "convert" slot, Dom::FloatIV is a façade domain for elements of domain type DOM_INTERVAL.

Viewed as a differential ring Dom::FloatIV is trivial, it contains constants only.

Dom::FloatIV has the domain Dom::Numerical as its super domain, i.e., it inherits each method which is defined by Dom::Numerical and not re-implemented by Dom::FloatIV. Methods described below are those implemented by Dom::FloatIV.




x, …

MuPAD® expressions


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Mathematical Methods

round — Round


sign — Sign


sin — Sine


Conversion Methods

testtype — Type checking

testtype(x, T)

Usually, this method is called from the function testtype and not directly by the user.

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