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Semi-ring of natural integer numbers

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.




Dom::Natural is the semi-ring of integer numbers represented by elements of the domain DOM_INT.

Dom::Natural is the domain of natural integer numbers represented by expressions of type DOM_INT.

Elements of Dom::Natural are usually not created explicitly. However, if one creates elements using the usual syntax, it is checked whether the input is an integer number. This means that Dom::Natural is a façade domain which creates elements of domain type DOM_INT.

Viewed as a differential ring Dom::Natural is trivial, it contains constants only.

Dom::Natural has the domain Dom::Numerical as its super domain, i.e., it inherits each method which is defined by Dom::Numerical and not re-implemented by Dom::Natural. Methods described below are those implemented by Dom::Natural.




Example 1

Creating some integer numbers using Dom::Natural. This example also shows that Dom::Natural is a façade domain.

Dom::Natural(2); domtype(%)

Error: The arguments are invalid. [Dom::Natural::new]

Example 2

By tracing the method Dom::Natural::testtypeDom we can see the interaction between testtype and Dom::Natural::testtypeDom.

delete x:
testtype(x, Dom::Natural);
testtype(3, Dom::Natural);
enter Dom::Natural::testtypeDom(x, Dom::Natural)
computed FAIL

enter Dom::Natural::testtypeDom(3, Dom::Natural)
computed TRUE



An integer


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Mathematical Methods

gcd — Gcd computation

gcd(x1, x2, …)

lcm — Compute the lcm

lcm(x1, x2, …)

random — Random number generation



random(m, …, n)

This methods returns a random number between 0 and n - 1.

This methods returns a random number between m and n.

Conversion Methods

convert_to — Conversion to other domains

convert_to(x, T)

The following domains are allowed for for T: DOM_INT, Dom::Natural, Dom::Rational, DOM_FLOAT, Dom::Float and Dom::Numerical.

testtype — Type checking

testtype(x, T)

Usually, this method is called from the function testtype and not directly by the user. Example 2 demonstrates this behavior.

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