Filled or transparent areas and surfaces

Value Summary

InheritedFALSE, or TRUE


Filled controls whether areas and surfaces are filled or transparent.

With Filled = FALSE, areas and surfaces are not filled. This means that, e.g., a surface plot is reduced to a wire frame model.


Example 1

The following parametrization of a sphere uses a mesh similar to the graticule (longitudes and latitudes) of geography:

globe := plot::Surface([sin(u)*cos(v), cos(u)*cos(v), sin(v)],
                       u = 0..2*PI, v = 0..2*PI,
                       Mesh = [12, 12], Submesh = [3, 3]):
plot(globe, Scaling = Constrained)

To get a wire frame model, we set Filled = FALSE:

plot(globe, Filled = FALSE, LineColor = RGB::Black,
     Scaling = Constrained)

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