Footer, Header

Value Summary

Footer, HeaderOptionalText string

Graphics Primitives

ObjectsDefault Values
plot::Canvas, plot::Scene2d, plot::Scene3d 


Footer = "…" sets a text to be displayed at the bottom of a scene or canvas.

Header = "…" sets a text to be displayed at the top of a scene or canvas.

As described in the introduction, each plot consists of a canvas containing one or more scenes. Using Header and Footer, you can set captions for both levels of nesting, above and/or below the contents.

To change the appearance of the captions, please use the attributes FooterAlignment and HeaderAlignment for positioning and FooterFont and HeaderFont to control fonts and sizes.


Example 1

The easiest way of setting a caption is to include a canvas-caption in a plot command:

plot(plot::Function2d(sin(x), x = 0..2*PI),
     Footer = "the sine function"):

You can also set style controlling attributes in this context:

plot(plot::Function2d(sin(x), x = 0..2*PI),
     Header = "the sine function",
     HeaderFont = ["Monotype Corsiva", 17, RGB::Red],
     HeaderAlignment = Left):

Example 2

Advanced users may want to plot several scenes together. These can be given individual captions:

f1 := plot::Function3d(sin(x^2 + y^2)*(x^2 + y^2),
                       x = -3..3, y = -3 ..3,
                       AdaptiveMesh = 0):
f2 := plot::modify(f1, AdaptiveMesh = 2):
s1 := plot::Scene3d(f1, Footer = "AdaptiveMesh = 0"):
s2 := plot::Scene3d(f2, Footer = "AdaptiveMesh = 2"):
plot(s1, s2, Layout = Horizontal)

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