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The Fresnel cosine integral function

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.




fresnelC(z) = .

The function C = fresnelC is analytic throughout the complex plane. It satisfies fresnelC(-z) = -fresnelC(z), fresnelC(conjugate(z)) = conjugate(fresnelC(z)), fresnelC(I*z) = I*fresnelC(z) for all complex values of z.

fresnelC(z) returns special values for z = 0, , and . Symbolic function calls are returned for all other symbolic values of z. In the graphical user interface of MuPAD® symbolic function calls are typeset as fresnelC(z) = .

When called with floating-point arguments, the function returns floating-point values.

With simplify and Simplify, the reflection rule fresnelC(-z) = -fresnelC(z) is used to create a "normal form" of symbolic function calls. Cf. Example 3.

Environment Interactions

When called with floating-point arguments, these functions are sensitive to the environment variable DIGITS which determines the numerical working precision.


Example 1

We call the Fresnel functions with various arguments: Symbolic calls are typeset as fresnelC(z) = and fresnelS(z) = , respectively:

fresnelC(0), fresnelC(1), fresnelC(PI + I), fresnelC(z), fresnelC(infinity)

fresnelS(0), fresnelS(1), fresnelS(PI + I), fresnelS(z), fresnelS(infinity)

Floating point values are returned for floating-point arguments:

fresnelC(1.0), fresnelC(float(PI)), fresnelS(-3.45 + 0.75*I)

Example 2

The functions diff, float, limit, and series handle expressions involving the Fresnel functions:

diff(fresnelC(x), x), diff(fresnelS(x), x)

float(fresnelC(PI)), float(fresnelS(-100))

limit(fresnelC(x), x = infinity), limit(fresnelS(x), x = -infinity)

series(fresnelC(x), x = 0), series(fresnelS(x), x = infinity, 4)

Example 3

With simplify and Simplify, the reflection rules fresnelC(-z) = -fresnelC(z) and fresnelS(-z) = -fresnelS(z) are used to create a "normal form" of symbolic function calls:

Simplify(fresnelC(1 - x)), Simplify(fresnelC(x - 1))

3*fresnelS(z) + 2*fresnelS(-z)




An arithmetical expression

Return Values

Arithmetical expression.

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