Adjoint of a matrix

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This functionality does not run in MATLAB.




linalg::adjoint(A) computes the adjoint Adj(A) of the n×n matrix A. The adjoint matrix satisfies the equation , where In is the n×n identity matrix.

The component ring of A must be of category Cat::CommutativeRing.


Example 1

We define a matrix over the rationals:

MatQ := Dom::Matrix(Dom::Rational):
A := MatQ([[0, 2, 1], [2, 1, 0], [1, 0, 2]])

Then the adjoint matrix of A is given by:

Ad := linalg::adjoint(A)

We check the property of the adjoint matrix Ad mentioned above:

A * Ad = det(A)*MatQ::identity(3)



A square matrix of a domain of category Cat::Matrix

Return Values

Matrix of the same domain type as A.


The adjoint of a square matrix A is the matrix whose (i, j)-th entry is the (j, i)-th cofactor of A.

The (j, i)-th cofactor of A is defined by , where Aij is the submatrix of A obtained from A by deleting the i-th row and j-th column.

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