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Test a matrix for positive definiteness

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linalg::isPosDef(A) checks whether the matrix A is positive definite, so that for arbitrary vectors .

The component ring of A must be a field, i.e., a domain of category Cat::Field.

An error message is returned, if a result of an intermediate computation cannot be checked for being positive (which could happen, for example, if components of A are symbolic).

Environment Interactions

Properties of identifiers are taken into account.


Example 1

Here is an example of a positive definite matrix:

MatR := Dom::Matrix( Dom::Real ):
A := MatR([[14, 6, 9], [6, 17, -4], [9, -4, 13]])


The following matrix is not positive definite:

B := MatR([[1, 2, 3], [2, 3, 4], [5, 6, 7]])


Example 2

linalg::isPosDef in general does not work for matrices with symbolic entries. It may respond with an error message (because the system in general cannot decide whether a symbolic component is positive), such as for the following matrix:

delete a, b:
C := matrix([[a, b], [b, a]])

Error: Unable to check whether the matrix component is positive. [linalg::factorCholesky]

However, properties of identifiers are taken into account, so that, for example, linalg::isPosDef is able to perform the test correctly for the following matrix:

assume(a > 1): C := matrix([[a, 1], [1, a]]):

Note that such computations depend on the power of the underlying property mechanism implemented in the property library.



A matrix of a domain of category Cat::Matrix

Return Values

Either TRUE or FALSE.

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