Smith canonical form of a matrix

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This functionality does not run in MATLAB.




linalg::smithForm(A) computes the Smith canonical form of the n-dimensional square matrix A, i.e., an n×n diagonal matrix S such that Si - 1, i - 1 divides Si, i for i = 2, …, n.

The Smith canonical form of a matrix A is unique.

The component ring of A must be a Euclidean ring, i.e., a domain of category Cat::EuclideanDomain.


Example 1

We define a matrix over the integers:

MatZ := Dom::Matrix(Dom::Integer):
A := MatZ([[9, -36, 30], [-36, 192, -180], [30, -180, 180]])

The Smith canonical form of A is then given by:


Example 2

We compute the Smith canonical form of a matrix over a ring of polynomials:

MatPoly := Dom::Matrix(Dom::DistributedPolynomial([x], Dom::Rational)):
B := MatPoly(
  [[-(x - 3)^2*(x - 2),(x - 3)*(x - 2)*(x - 4)],
   [(x - 3)*(x - 2)*(x - 4),-(x - 3)^2*(x - 4)]

The Smith canonical form of the matrix B is the following matrix:




A square matrix of a domain of category Cat::Matrix

Return Values

Matrix of the same domain type as A.


An n×n matrix S = (sij) with coefficients in a Euclidean ring is said to be in Smith canonical form if S is a diagonal matrix (with nonnegative coefficients in case of the ring ) such that si, i divides si + 1, i + 1 for all i < n.

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