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LineColorDirection, LineColorDirectionX, LineColorDirectionY, LineColorDirectionZ

Direction of color transitions on lines

Value Summary

LineColorDirectionLibrary wrapper for "[LineColorDirectionX, LineColorDirectionY]" (2D), "[LineColorDirectionX, LineColorDirectionY, LineColorDirectionZ]" (3D)See below
LineColorDirectionX, LineColorDirectionY, LineColorDirectionZInheritedReal number

Graphics Primitives

ObjectsDefault Values
plot::Arc3d, plot::Circle3d, plot::Curve3d, plot::Cylindrical, plot::Dodecahedron, plot::Ellipse3d, plot::Function3d, plot::Hexahedron, plot::Icosahedron, plot::Implicit3d, plot::Matrixplot, plot::Octahedron, plot::Polygon3d, plot::Prism, plot::Pyramid, plot::Spherical, plot::Surface, plot::SurfaceSet, plot::SurfaceSTL, plot::Sweep, plot::Tetrahedron, plot::Tube, plot::VectorField3d, plot::XRotate, plot::ZRotate

LineColorDirection: [0, 0, 1]

LineColorDirectionX, LineColorDirectionY: 0

LineColorDirectionZ: 1

plot::Arrow2d, plot::Circle2d, plot::Conformal, plot::Curve2d, plot::Ellipse2d, plot::Function2d, plot::Implicit2d, plot::Polar, plot::Polygon2d, plot::Rectangle, plot::Sum, plot::VectorField2d

LineColorDirection: [0, 1]

LineColorDirectionX: 0

LineColorDirectionY: 1

plot::Arrow3d, plot::Box, plot::Cone

LineColorDirection: [0, 0, 1]

LineColorDirectionX, LineColorDirectionY: 0


LineColorDirection: [0, 1]

LineColorDirectionX: 0

LineColorDirectionY, LineColorDirectionZ: 1


LineColorDirection: [0, 1, 1]

LineColorDirectionX: 0

LineColorDirectionY, LineColorDirectionZ: 1


LineColorDirection determines the direction in which the color transitions for LineColorType = Dichromatic etc. take place.

When setting LineColorType to some other value than Flat or Functional, MuPAD® produces a "height-coloring." By default, this color method actually uses the height of a point. Using LineColorDirection, the axis along which the color method should be applied can be changed.


Example 1

By default, MuPAD uses height coloring along the y axis for 2D objects:

f := plot::Function2d(sin(x), x=-PI..PI,
                      LineWidth = 1, LineColorType = Rainbow):

By changing LineColorDirection, this direction can be set to any angle. Note that LineColorDirection is an inherited attribute and may therefore be set at "top level" in the plot call:

plot(f, LineColorDirection = [1, 1])

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