Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.


plot::Point3d(x, y, z, <a = amin .. amax>, options)
plot::Point3d([x, y, z], <a = amin .. amax>, options)
plot::Point3d(matrix([x, y, z]), <a = amin .. amax>, options)


plot::Point3d(x, y, z) creates a three-dimensional point with the coordinates (x, y, z).

plot::Point3d creates graphical points in three dimensions.

Starting with MuPAD® 3.0 software, each type of graphical elements has a fixed dimension. Therefore, plot::Point2d and plot::Point3d are distinct, but very similar, types.


AttributePurposeDefault Value
AffectViewingBoxinfluence of objects on the ViewingBox of a sceneTRUE
Colorthe main colorRGB::MidnightBlue
Framesthe number of frames in an animation50
Legendmakes a legend entry 
LegendTextshort explanatory text for legend 
LegendEntryadd this object to the legend?FALSE
Namethe name of a plot object (for browser and legend) 
ParameterEndend value of the animation parameter 
ParameterNamename of the animation parameter 
ParameterBegininitial value of the animation parameter 
ParameterRangerange of the animation parameter 
PointSizethe size of points1.5
PointColorthe color of pointsRGB::MidnightBlue
PointStylethe presentation style of pointsFilledCircles
Positionpositions of cameras, lights, and text objects[0, 0, 0]
PositionXx-positions of cameras, lights, and text objects0
PositionYy-positions of cameras, lights, and text objects0
PositionZz-positions of cameras, lights, and text objects0
TimeEndend time of the animation10.0
TimeBeginstart time of the animation0.0
TimeRangethe real time span of an animation0.0 .. 10.0
Titleobject title 
TitleFontfont of object titles[" sans-serif ", 11]
TitlePositionposition of object titles 
TitleAlignmenthorizontal alignment of titles w.r.t. their coordinatesCenter
TitlePositionXposition of object titles, x component 
TitlePositionYposition of object titles, y component 
TitlePositionZposition of object titles, z component 
VisibleAfterobject visible after this time value 
VisibleBeforeobject visible until this time value 
VisibleFromToobject visible during this time range 
VisibleAfterEndobject visible after its animation time ended?TRUE
VisibleBeforeBeginobject visible before its animation time starts?TRUE


Example 1

We create three points:

p1 := plot::Point2d(1, 3, PointSize = 4*unit::mm);
p2 := plot::Point2d(2, 2, PointSize = 5*unit::mm);
p3 := plot::Point2d(3, 1, Color = RGB::Green, 
                    PointSize = 6*unit::mm);

To have these points displayed, we use plot:

plot(p1, p2, p3)

It is possible to set global options directly in the call to plot:

plot(p1, p2, p3, PointStyle = FilledDiamonds)

These options are regarded as the new defaults. This implies that objects having an option set explicitly will silently ignore these options. The green point stays green:

plot(p1, p2, p3, PointStyle = FilledDiamonds, 
     PointColor = RGB::Red)

Example 2

The point position can be animated. As an example, we combine a point with a curve that traces the path of the point:

x := t -> sin(3*t);
y := t -> cos(5*t);
p := plot::Point2d([x(t), y(t)], t = 0..2*PI);
c := plot::Curve2d([x(t), y(t)], t = 0..tmax, tmax = 0..2*PI)

plot(c, p, PointSize = 3*unit::mm, LineWidth = 0.5*unit::mm)


x, y, z

Arithmetical expressions

x, y, z are equivalent to the attributes Position, PositionX, PositionY, PositionZ.


Animation parameter, specified as a = amin..amax, where amin is the initial parameter value, and amax is the final parameter value.


For reasons of efficiency and clarity in the object browser, you should avoid generating large numbers of plot::Point2d and plot::Point3d objects. None of the domains in the plot package do. For alternatives, consider plot::PointList2d and plot::PointList3d.

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