Enables the autodisplay mode of the debugger

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.




Pref::dbgAutoDisplay(TRUE) switches on the autodisplay mode of the debugger.

Pref::dbgAutoDisplay() returns the current value.

Pref::dbgAutoDisplay(NIL) or Pref::dbgAutoDisplay(TRUE) switch on the autodisplay mode. After every halt of the terminal debugger or up/down movements in the stack the expressions args(), last(1) (%) and the formal parameters and local variables of the currently visible procedure are added to the list of display variables.

Pref::dbgAutoDisplay(FALSE) switches the autodisplay mode off.

In the MuPAD® debugger the automatically inserted expressions and variables are visible in the Watch window.

Environment Interactions

Changes the behaviour of the debugger.


Example 1

If the autodisplay feature is disabled, the terminal debugger only prints short messages:

>> Pref::dbgAutoDisplay(FALSE):
>> debug(int(f(x), x))
#0 in int($1=x, $2=x) at lib/STDLIB/
29	in lib/STDLIB/

If the autodisplay feature is activated, we see the values of args(), %, the formal parameters f and x and the value of the local variable integral:

>> Pref::dbgAutoDisplay(TRUE):
>> debug(int(f(x), x))
#1 in int($1=f(x), $2=x)
29 in lib/STDLIB/
args() = f(x), x
% =
f = f(x)
x = x
integral = NIL

Return Values

Previously set value

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