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Order of terms in sum outputs

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Pref::keepOrder influences the output order of terms in sums.

Usually, the output system uses its own ordering of the terms in a sum to optimize the appearance of the output. This order may be different from the internal ordering of the sum. The output system prefers to re-order the terms such that the first term is positive.

Sometimes it is desirable to see the terms of a sum in the internal order. This can be achieved with Pref::keepOrder(Always).

By default, the term order of polynomials and domain elements is left unchanged.

Pref::keepOrder(NIL) restores the default state, which is DomainsOnly.

Pref::keepOrder() returns the currently set value.


Example 1

Here we create a domain element e, an expression f, and a polynomial p containing sums. With the default setting DomainsOnly, only the output of the expression f is not in the internal order:

d := newDomain("d"):  d::print := x -> extop(x):
e := new(d, b - a):  f := b - a:  p := poly(1 - x):
e, f, p

With the setting Always, e, f, and p are all printed in the internal order:

e, f, p

With the setting System, the output order differs from the internal ordering for e, f, and p:

e, f, p

Pref::keepOrder(NIL) restores the default state; Pref::keepOrder() returns the current setting:

Pref::keepOrder(NIL):  Pref::keepOrder()



The output always corresponds to the internal order.


In polynomials and domain elements, the ordering of terms corresponds to the internal order. Other sums may be re-ordered by the output system.

This is the default setting of Pref::keepOrder.


The output order of terms in sums is determined by the output system and does not necessarily correspond to the internal order.

Return Values

Previously defined value: Always, DomainsOnly, or System.

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