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Rational expression in a rootlocus plot

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Value Summary

MandatoryMuPAD® expression

Graphics Primitives

ObjectsRationalExpression Default Values


RationalExpression is the internal name of the expression whose roots are depicted by plot::Rootlocus.

A rootlocus plot depicts the roots of a rational function p(z, u) in the complex plane, depending on a parameter u. The expression p(z, u) is stored as the attribute RationalExpression in the rootlocus object.

Usually, a user will have no need to access the attribute RationalExpression, since it is set by plot::Rootlocus directly.


Example 1

We define a rootlocus plot:

r:= plot::Rootlocus(z^2 - 2*u*z + 0.81, u = -1..1):

The function z2 - 2 uz + 0.81 is stored as the attribute r::RationalExpression in the object r:


We can redefine this attribute:

r::RationalExpression:= z^3 - 2*u*z + 0.81:

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