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Select rows of a sample

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.


stats::selectRow(s, c, x, <Not>)
stats::selectRow(s, [c1, c2, …], [x1, x2, …], <Not>)


stats::selectRow(s, ...) selects rows of the sample s having specific entries in specific places.

stats::selectRow(s, c, x) returns a sample consisting of all rows in s, which contain the data element x at the position c.

stats::selectRow(s, [c1, c2, …], [x1, x2, …] ) returns a sample consisting of all rows in s, which contain the data element x1 at the position c1 and x2 at the position c2 etc. There must be as many positions c1, c2, … as data elements x1, x2, …


Example 1

We create a sample with two columns:

stats::sample([[a, 5], [c, 1], [a, 2], [b, 3]])
a  5
c  1
a  2
b  3

We select all rows with a as their first entry:

stats::selectRow(%, 1, a)
a  5
a  2

Example 2

We create a sample containing income and costs in the years 1997 and 1998:

stats::sample([[123, "costs", "97"], [442, "income", "98"],
               [11, "costs", "98"], [623, "income", "97"]])
123  "costs"   "97"
442  "income"  "98"
 11  "costs"   "98"
623  "income"  "97"

We select the row which has "income" in the second and "97" in the third column:

stats::selectRow(%, [2, 3], ["income", "97"])
623  "income"  "97"

We select the remaining rows:

stats::selectRow(%2, [2, 3], ["income", "97"], Not)
123  "costs"   "97"
442  "income"  "98"
 11  "costs"   "98"



A sample of domain type stats::sample.

c, c1, c2, …

Integers representing column indices of the sample s.

x, x1, x2, …

Arithmetical expressions.



Causes stats::selectRow to select those rows which do not have the specified entries.

Return Values

Sample of domain type stats::sample.

See Also

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