Position of a substring

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.


stringlib::pos(string1, string2, <pos>)


stringlib::pos returns the position of a substring in a string.

The third optional argument must be less than the length of string1.

If string1 does not contain string2, then FAIL will be returned.


Example 1

In case of several occurrences of the substring, the position of the first is returned.

stringlib::pos("abcdeabcdeabcde", "bc")

Example 2

If a starting point for the search is given, stringlib::pos returns the first position at which the substring occurs after that starting point.

stringlib::pos("abcdeabcdeabcde", "bc", 5)

Example 3

The result is FAIL if the substring does not occur at all or after the given starting point.

stringlib::pos("abcdeabcdeabcde", "bc", 14)


string1, string2

Non empty string


Integer that determines the first position to search

Return Values

Integer that determines the position or FAIL.

See Also

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