Extract a substring from a string

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.


substring(string, i)
substring(string, i, l)
substring(string, i .. j)


substring(string, i) returns the i-th character of a string.

substring(string, i, l) returns the substring of length l starting with the i-th character of the string.

substring(string, i..j) returns the substring consisting of the characters i through j, inclusive.

The empty string "" is returned if the length l = 0 is specified.

substring is considered obsolete. You should use index access to strings instead.


Example 1

We extract individual characters from a string:

substring("123456789", i) $ i = 1..9

Substrings of various lengths are extracted:

substring("123456789", 1, 2), substring("123456789", 4, 4)

Substrings of length 0 are empty strings:

substring("123456789", 4, 0)

Ranges may be used to specify the substrings:

substring("123456789", 1..9)

Example 2

The following while loop removes all trailing blank characters from a string:

string := "MuPAD       ":
while substring(string, length(string)) = " " do
  string := substring(string, 1..length(string) - 1)



A nonempty character string


An integer between 1 and length(string)


An integer between 1 and length(string)


An integer between i and length(string)

Return Values

Character string

See Also

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