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TitlePosition, TitlePositionX, TitlePositionY, TitlePositionZ

Position of object titles

MuPAD® notebooks are not recommended. Use MATLAB® live scripts instead.

MATLAB live scripts support most MuPAD functionality, though there are some differences. For more information, see Convert MuPAD Notebooks to MATLAB Live Scripts.

Value Summary

TitlePositionLibrary wrapper for “[TitlePositionX, TitlePositionY]” (2D), “[TitlePositionX, TitlePositionY, TitlePositionZ]” (3D)See below
TitlePositionX, TitlePositionY, TitlePositionZOptionalMuPAD® expression


TitlePosition sets the position where the object title is displayed.

TitlePositionX, TitlePositionY, and TitlePositionZ refer to the individual components of TitlePosition.

An object can be given a title to be displayed in the graphic with the attribute Title. TitlePosition, TitlePositionX, TitlePositionY, TitlePositionZ determines the position of this title.

TitlePosition, TitlePositionX, TitlePositionY, TitlePositionZ determines the anchor point of the title, which is in 3D displayed in “bill-boarding mode,” which means that the text will always face the observer and will always be displayed in the same size, regardless of zooming or perspective. The alignment of the text w.r.t. the anchor point is further determined by the setting of TitleAlignment, cf. Example 1.

MuPAD does not have automatic positioning of titles; to have a title properly positioned, TitlePosition must be set.


Example 1

We plot three points with titles attached to them, changing the alignment. For demonstration purposes, the title positions coincide with the points:

plot(plot::Point2d(0, 3, Title = "Left",   TitlePosition = [0, 3],
                   TitleAlignment = Left),
     plot::Point2d(0, 2, Title = "Center", TitlePosition = [0, 2],
                   TitleAlignment = Center),
     plot::Point2d(0, 1, Title = "Right",  TitlePosition = [0, 1],
                   TitleAlignment = Right),
     Axes = None, PointSize = 2.0*unit::mm,
     ViewingBox = [-1..1, 0..4])

Example 2

A more realistic placement of titles is to separate them slightly from the points:

plot(plot::Polygon2d([[0, 0], [5, 0], [9/5, 12/5]], Closed),
     plot::Point2d([0, 0], Title = "A", 
                   TitlePosition = [-0.2, -0.1]),
     plot::Point2d([5, 0], Title = "B", 
                    TitlePosition = [5.2, -0.1]),
     plot::Point2d([9/5, 12/5], Title = "C",
                    TitlePosition = [2.0, 2.5]),
     Axes = None, TitleFont = [15], LineColor = RGB::Black,
     LineWidth = 0.5*unit::mm, PointSize = 3*unit::mm)

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