Delete the properties of an identifier

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.




unassume(x) deletes the properties of the identifier x.

unassume serves for deleting properties of identifiers set via assume. See Properties for a description of the property mechanism.

If x is a list or a set of identifiers, then the properties of all specified identifiers are deleted.

The command delete x deletes the value and the properties of the identifier x.


Example 1

Properties are attached to the identifiers x and y:

assume(x > 0): assume(y < 0): getprop(x), getprop(y)

sign(x), sign(y)

unassume or delete deletes the properties:

unassume(x): delete y: getprop(x), getprop(y)

sign(x), sign(y)

The properties of several identifiers can be deleted simultaneously by passing a list or a set to unassume:

assume(x > y): unassume([x, y]): getprop(x), getprop(y)



An identifier or a list or a set of identifiers

Return Values

Void object null().

See Also

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