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Print progress information

    Note:   userinfo has been removed. Use print instead.

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.


userinfo(<Text>, <NoNL>, n, message1, message2, …)
userinfo(<Text>, <NoNL>, n1 .. n2, message1, message2, …)


userinfo(n, message) prints a message if an information level larger or equal to n is set via setuserinfo.

userinfo(n1..n2, message) prints a message if the information level set by setuserinfo is between n1 and n2.

userinfo must not be used on the interactive level. It should be built into the body of a procedure or of a domain method to print status information such as the chosen algorithm, intermediate results etc. If a userinfo command is built into a procedure by the name f, say, then it is activated by setting an appropriate information level via setuserinfo(f, n). The information is printed during subsequent calls to f.

The print output consists of the evaluation of the message arguments, possibly followed by the name of the procedure (see the function setuserinfo). Strings are printed without quotes. The pretty printer is not used. Unless one of the options Text or NoNL is given, the message arguments are separated by commas in the output. Unless the option NoNL is given, the print output is preceded by the string "Info: " and a new line is started after the output.

The information level of a single procedure, of all procedures of a domain, or, of all procedures in general can be specified using setuserinfo. All three levels may apply to a procedure simultaneously.

Most of the functions in the MuPAD® library provide status information via userinfo.

Environment Interactions

userinfo prints the messages on the screen, if an appropriate information level is set.


n, n1, n2

The information levels: positive integers

message1, message2, …

Arbitrary MuPAD objects. Typically, character strings.



Do not separate the arguments by commas in the output


Do not separate the arguments by commas in the output, do not start a new line after the output, and do not precede the output by the string "Info: ".

Return Values

Void object of type DOM_NULL.


userinfo does not evaluate the messages unless they are printed.

The global table of information levels for all procedures can be obtained by the call setuserinfo().

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