Notebook Overview

    Note:   Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface. This functionality does not run in MATLAB.

The first time you start MuPAD® notebook, it appears with the default layout, as shown in the following illustration.

  • A Perform most common tasks from the Standard toolbar.

  • B Type your comments in the text regions.

  • C Enter commands in the input regions.

  • D View results (including graphics) in the output regions.

  • E A new input region appears after evaluation of the bottom input region.

  • F View current status information in the Status bar.

  • G Find and Replace text in the input and text regions.

  • H Quickly access standard functions from the Command Bar.

  • I Format nongraphical objects in the input and output regions from the Format toolbar.

  • J Use more items from the toolbars.

  • K Menus change in the Graphics Format mode.

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