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MuPAD® notebooks are not recommended. Use MATLAB® live scripts instead.

MATLAB live scripts support most MuPAD functionality, though there are some differences. For more information, see Convert MuPAD Notebooks to MATLAB Live Scripts.

In this section, we give a brief survey of the graphical primitives, grouping constructs, transformation routines etc. provided by the plot library.

The following table lists the ‘low-level’ primitives.

plot::Arc2dcircular arc in 2D
plot::Arrow2darrow in 2D
plot::Arrow3darrow in 3D
plot::Boxrectangular box in 3D
plot::Circle2dcircle in 2D
plot::Circle3dcircle in 3D
plot::Conecone/conical frustum in 3D
plot::Cylindercylinder in 3D
plot::Ellipse2dellipse in 2D
plot::Ellipsoidellipsoid in 3D
plot::Line2dgraphical line segment in 2D
plot::Line3dgraphical line segment in 3D
plot::Parallelogram2dparallelogram in 2D
plot::Parallelogram3dparallelogram in 3D
plot::Point2dgraphical point in 2D
plot::Point3dgraphical point in 3D
plot::PointList2dcollection of graphical points in 2D
plot::PointList3dcollection of graphical points in 3D
plot::Polygon2dline segments forming a polygon in 2D
plot::Polygon3dline segments forming a polygon in 3D
plot::Rectanglerectangle in 2D
plot::Spheresphere in 3D
plot::SurfaceSetsurfaces in 3D (as a collection of 3D triangles)
plot::SurfaceSTLimport of 3D stl surfaces
plot::Text2dtext object in 2D
plot::Text3dtext object in 3D

In addition, there are primitives for Plato's regular polyhedra.

The following table lists the ‘high-level’ primitives and ‘special purpose’ primitives.

plot::Bars2d(statistical) data plot in 2D
plot::Bars3d(statistical) data plot in 3D
plot::Boxplot(statistical) box plot
plot::Conformalconformal plot of complex functions
plot::Curve2dparametrized curve in 2D
plot::Curve3dparametrized curve in 3D
plot::Densitydensity plot in 2D
plot::Function2dfunction graph in 2D
plot::Function3dfunction graph in 3D
plot::Hatchhatched region in 2D
plot::Histogram2d(statistical) histogram plot in 2D
plot::Implicit2dplot of implicitly defined curves in 2D
plot::Implicit3dplot of implicitly defined surfaces in 3D
plot::Inequalityvisualization of inequalities in 2D
plot::Integralvisualization of integration
plot::Iterationvisualization of iterations in 2D
plot::Listplotlists of points in 2D
plot::LsysLindenmayer system in 2D
plot::Matrixplotvisualization of matrix data as a surface in 3D
plot::MuPADCubethe MuPAD® logo
plot::Ode2dgraphical solution of an ODE in 2D
plot::Ode3dgraphical solution of an ODE in 3D
plot::Piechart2d(statistical) pie chart in 2D
plot::Piechart3d(statistical) pie chart in 3D
plot::Planeinfinite plane in 3D
plot::Rasterraster and bitmap plots in 2D
plot::Scatterplot(statistical) scatter plot in 2D
plot::Sequencevisualization of a sequence of numbers
plot::SparseMatrixplotsparsity pattern of a matrix
plot::Sumvisualization of a sum of numbers
plot::Surfaceparametrized surface in 3D
plot::Sweepsweep surface in 3D
plot::Turtleturtle plot in 2D
plot::VectorField2dvector field plot in 2D
plot::VectorField3dvector field plot in 3D
plot::XRotatesurface of revolution in 3D
plot::ZRotatesurface of revolution in 3D

The following table lists the various light sources available to illuminate 3D plots.

plot::AmbientLightambient (undirected) light
plot::DistantLightdirected light
plot::PointLight(undirected) point light
plot::SpotLight(directed) spot light

The following table lists various grouping constructs.

plot::Canvasdrawing area, container for 2D or 3D scenes
plot::Scene2dcontainer for 2D coordinate systems
plot::Scene3dcontainer for 3D coordinate systems
plot::CoordinateSystem2dcontainer for 2D primitives and plot::Group2d
plot::CoordinateSystem3dcontainer for 3D primitives and plot::Group3d
plot::Group2dgroup of primitives in 2D
plot::Group3dgroup of primitives in 3D

Primitives or groups of primitives can be transformed by the following routines.

plot::Scale2dscaling transformation in 2D
plot::Scale3dscaling transformation in 3D
plot::Reflect2dreflection in 2D
plot::Reflect3dreflection in 3D
plot::Rotate2drotation in 2D
plot::Rotate3drotation in 3D
plot::Translate2dtranslation in 2D
plot::Translate3dtranslation in 3D
plot::Transform2dgeneral linear transformation in 2D
plot::Transform3dgeneral linear transformation in 3D

The following special plot routines are provided.

plot::Cylindricalcylindrical plot in 3D
plot::Polarpolar plot in 2D
plot::Sphericalpolar plot in 3D
plot::Tubetube plot in 3D

Additionally, there are.

plot::Cameracamera in 3D
plot::ClippingBoxclipping box in 3D

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