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In this section, we give a brief survey of the graphical primitives, grouping constructs, transformation routines etc. provided by the plot library.

The following table lists the ‘low-level' primitives.

plot::Arc2dcircular arc in 2D
plot::Arrow2darrow in 2D
plot::Arrow3darrow in 3D
plot::Boxrectangular box in 3D
plot::Circle2dcircle in 2D
plot::Circle3dcircle in 3D
plot::Conecone/conical frustum in 3D
plot::Cylindercylinder in 3D
plot::Ellipse2dellipse in 2D
plot::Ellipsoidellipsoid in 3D
plot::Line2dgraphical line segment in 2D
plot::Line3dgraphical line segment in 3D
plot::Parallelogram2dparallelogram in 2D
plot::Parallelogram3dparallelogram in 3D
plot::Point2dgraphical point in 2D
plot::Point3dgraphical point in 3D
plot::PointList2dcollection of graphical points in 2D
plot::PointList3dcollection of graphical points in 3D
plot::Polygon2dline segments forming a polygon in 2D
plot::Polygon3dline segments forming a polygon in 3D
plot::Rectanglerectangle in 2D
plot::Spheresphere in 3D
plot::SurfaceSetsurfaces in 3D (as a collection of 3D triangles)
plot::SurfaceSTLimport of 3D stl surfaces
plot::Text2dtext object in 2D
plot::Text3dtext object in 3D

In addition, there are primitives for Plato's regular polyhedra.

The following table lists the ‘high-level' primitives and ‘special purpose' primitives.

plot::Bars2d(statistical) data plot in 2D
plot::Bars3d(statistical) data plot in 3D
plot::Boxplot(statistical) box plot
plot::Conformalconformal plot of complex functions
plot::Curve2dparametrized curve in 2D
plot::Curve3dparametrized curve in 3D
plot::Densitydensity plot in 2D
plot::Function2dfunction graph in 2D
plot::Function3dfunction graph in 3D
plot::Hatchhatched region in 2D
plot::Histogram2d(statistical) histogram plot in 2D
plot::Implicit2dplot of implicitly defined curves in 2D
plot::Implicit3dplot of implicitly defined surfaces in 3D
plot::Inequalityvisualization of inequalities in 2D
plot::Integralvisualization of integration
plot::Iterationvisualization of iterations in 2D
plot::Listplotlists of points in 2D
plot::LsysLindenmayer system in 2D
plot::Matrixplotvisualization of matrix data as a surface in 3D
plot::MuPADCubethe MuPAD® logo
plot::Ode2dgraphical solution of an ODE in 2D
plot::Ode3dgraphical solution of an ODE in 3D
plot::Piechart2d(statistical) pie chart in 2D
plot::Piechart3d(statistical) pie chart in 3D
plot::Planeinfinite plane in 3D
plot::Rasterraster and bitmap plots in 2D
plot::Scatterplot(statistical) scatter plot in 2D
plot::Sequencevisualization of a sequence of numbers
plot::SparseMatrixplotsparsity pattern of a matrix
plot::Sumvisualization of a sum of numbers
plot::Surfaceparametrized surface in 3D
plot::Sweepsweep surface in 3D
plot::Turtleturtle plot in 2D
plot::VectorField2dvector field plot in 2D
plot::VectorField3dvector field plot in 3D
plot::XRotatesurface of revolution in 3D
plot::ZRotatesurface of revolution in 3D

The following table lists the various light sources available to illuminate 3D plots.

plot::AmbientLightambient (undirected) light
plot::DistantLightdirected light
plot::PointLight(undirected) point light
plot::SpotLight(directed) spot light

The following table lists various grouping constructs.

plot::Canvasdrawing area, container for 2D or 3D scenes
plot::Scene2dcontainer for 2D coordinate systems
plot::Scene3dcontainer for 3D coordinate systems
plot::CoordinateSystem2dcontainer for 2D primitives and plot::Group2d
plot::CoordinateSystem3dcontainer for 3D primitives and plot::Group3d
plot::Group2dgroup of primitives in 2D
plot::Group3dgroup of primitives in 3D

Primitives or groups of primitives can be transformed by the following routines.

plot::Scale2dscaling transformation in 2D
plot::Scale3dscaling transformation in 3D
plot::Reflect2dreflection in 2D
plot::Reflect3dreflection in 3D
plot::Rotate2drotation in 2D
plot::Rotate3drotation in 3D
plot::Translate2dtranslation in 2D
plot::Translate3dtranslation in 3D
plot::Transform2dgeneral linear transformation in 2D
plot::Transform3dgeneral linear transformation in 3D

The following special plot routines are provided.

plot::Cylindricalcylindrical plot in 3D
plot::Polarpolar plot in 2D
plot::Sphericalpolar plot in 3D
plot::Tubetube plot in 3D

Additionally, there are.

plot::Cameracamera in 3D
plot::ClippingBoxclipping box in 3D

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