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Print Wide Notebooks

Before printing a notebook that displays wide graphics or long lines in the input or output regions, use Print Preview to see how the content fits the page. Print Preview makes it easier to view and adjust wide documents. Alternatively, wrap and then unwrap text in a notebook by using the option View > Wrap To Window. When you wrap text in a notebook, and then unwrap it, the vertical line appears. This line shows you the position of the right margin of the current page format.

When you print a notebook that does not fit the page format, MuPAD® prompts you to select one of the following options:

  • Print only the part of the notebook to the left of the margin.

  • Scale the whole notebook to the size that fits the page format.

Also, you can change the page format.

When you print a wide document from the Print Preview window, the above dialog box does not appear. Use the Print Preview toolbar to adjust the document before printing. MuPAD prints documents exactly as you see them in the Print Preview window.

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