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Set Font Preferences

Select Generic Fonts

You can specify three most frequently used fonts. The MuPAD® app uses these fonts as default font settings for its input, output, and text regions, for text used in tables, links, and so on. To change the default font settings for all new notebooks, see Change Default Formatting.

To specify the generic fonts for use in MuPAD notebooks:

  1. Select View > Configure.

  2. In the left pane of the Configure MuPAD dialog box, click Fonts.

  3. Use the right pane of the dialog box to select the fonts you want to use as generic fonts.

Use these specified generic fonts to format text, mathematical expressions, or calculations in your notebooks.

Default Generic Fonts for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

The default generic fonts in MuPAD depend on the platform you use.

Generic SerifTimes New RomanTimes
Generic Sans SerifArialLucida Grande
Generic MonospaceCourier NewMonaco

On Linux® platforms, the default generic fonts depend on the system default fonts.

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