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Typeset Symbols in MuPAD

MuPAD® notebooks are not recommended. Use MATLAB® live scripts instead.

MATLAB live scripts support most MuPAD functionality, though there are some differences. For more information, see Convert MuPAD Notebooks to MATLAB Live Scripts.

Symbol provides access to typesetting symbols. All available symbols are shown below, sorted in appropriate groups. The symbols can be accessed via slots of Symbol (for example, Symbol::alpha for the symbol α) or via function calls (for example, Symbol("alpha")).

Some symbols can be accessed only via function calls. For example, Symbol::minus throws an error, so use Symbol('minus') instead. For details, see Symbol::new.

Greek Letters

alpha beta
gamma delta
epsi, epsilon varepsilon, epsiv
zeta eta
theta thetasym, thetav, vartheta
iota kappa
lambda mu, micro
nu xi
omicron pi
varpi, piv rho
sigma sigmaf, sigmav, varsigma
tau upsilon, upsi
straightphi, phi phiv, varphi
chi psi
omega Alpha
Beta Gamma
Delta Epsi, Epsilon
Zeta Eta
Theta Iota
Kappa Lambda
Mu Nu
Xi Omicron
Pi Rho
Sigma Tau
Upsi, upsih, Upsilon Phi
Chi Psi
Omega, ohm  

Open Face Letters

Aopf Bopf
Copf Dopf
Eopf Fopf
Gopf Hopf
Iopf Jopf
Kopf Lopf
Mopf Nopf
Oopf Popf
Qopf Ropf
Sopf Topf
Uopf Vopf
Wopf Xopf
Yopf Zopf


uarr, UpArrow Uparrow, DoubleUpArrow, uArr
darr, DownArrow Downarrow, dArr, DoubleDownArrow
LeftArrow, larr, leftarrow DoubleLeftArrow, Leftarrow, lArr
leftrightarrow, harr, LeftRightArrow Leftrightarrow, DoubleLeftRightArrow, iff, hArr
RightArrow, rarr, rightarrow Rightarrow, Implies, rArr, DoubleRightArrow


plus minus
PlusMinus, plusmn, pm times
Hat, circ dot
prod coprod, Coproduct, amalg
ast lowast
bull, bullet cdot, middot, CenterDot, centerdot
cir, compfn, SmallCircle deg
oplus otimes
CirclePlus, bigoplus, xoplus CircleTimes, bigotimes, xotime
bigodot, xodot, CircleDot dagger
Dagger Del
div, divide Backslash, setminus, setmn, bsol
Element, isin, isinv, in or, vee
wedge, and Vee, bigvee, xvee
Wedge, xwedge, bigwedge, And cap
cup Intersection, bigcap, xcap
xcup, bigcup, Union biguplus, xuplus, UnionPlus
bigsqcup, xsqcup, SquareUnion  

Comparison Operators

ap, approx, asymp, TildeTilde tilde, Tilde, sim
TildeFullEqual, cong bot, bottom, UpTee, perp
Congruent, equiv equals
ge, geq, GreaterEqual Equal
le, leq gt
lt NotEqual, ne
subseteq, sube, SubsetEqual Subset, sub, subset
SupersetEqual, supe, supseteq Superset, sup, supset
NotSubset, nsub, nsubset, vnsub NotElement, notin

Other Symbols

brvbar UnderBar, UnderLine, lowbar
OverBar num, sharp
amp true
NULL NotANumber
CapitalDifferentialD, D, DD PartialD, part
DifferentialD, dd commat
copy trade
reg die, uml
diam, diams, diamond, diamondsuit hearts, heartsuit
spades, spadesuit clubs
half, frac12 frac14
frac34 sup1
sup2 sup3
para permil
percnt, percent sect


ApplyFunction InvisibleComma
InvisibleTimes Tab
blank MediumSpace
Space ThickSpace
NonBreakingSpace, nbsp  


lpar rpar
lbrack, lsqb rbrack, rsqb
lbrace, lcub rbrace, rcub
lceil, LeftCeiling rceil, RightCeiling
lfloor, LeftFloor rfloor, RightFloor
lang, langle, LeftAngleBracket rang, rangle, RightAngleBracket
LeftDoubleBracket RightDoubleBracket
verbar, vert Verbar, Vert

Punctuation Marks

Colon colon
comma semi
period sdot
Dot, DoubleDot hellip, tdot, dots
cdots horbar, mdash
hyphen, ndash apos, quot, rsquo
prime backprime, bprime
lsquor, sbquo lsquo, OpenCurlyQuote
ldquor, bdquo ldquo, OpenCurlyDoubleQuote
rsquor, CloseCurlyQuote Prime, rdquo
rdquor, CloseCurlyDoubleQuote laquo
raquo excl
iexcl quest


auml Auml
ouml Ouml
uuml Uuml


cent dollar
euro pound

Math Symbols

nabla vprop, varpropto, vprop
weierp, wp not
aleph, alefsym loz, lozenge
Sqrt, radic Sum, sum
int, Integral conint, oint, ContourIntegral
cauchypv, pvint, PrincipalValueIntegral there4, Therefore, therefore
exist, Exists ForAll, forall
infin emptyv, varnothing
ang, angle Re
real Im, image
ee, ExponentialE ImaginaryI, ii

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