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Operations on Data Samples

Operate on rows and columns of data samples, sort samples, convert samples to lists

MuPAD Functions

stats::calcApply functions to a sample
stats::colSelect and rearrange columns of a sample
stats::concatColConcatenate samples column-wise
stats::concatRowConcatenate samples row-wise
stats::rowSelect and re-arrange rows of a sample
stats::sampleDomain of statistical samples
stats::sample2listConvert a sample to a list of lists
stats::selectRowSelect rows of a sample
stats::sortSampleSort the rows of a sample
stats::tabulateStatistics of duplicate rows in a sample
stats::unzipColExtract columns from a list of lists
stats::zipColConvert a sequence of columns to a list of lists


Import Data

If you have an external data set and want to analyze it in MuPAD®, import the data to the MuPAD session.

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